“Organic-AgriWare – an application for the organic agriculture community” (2015-2016) is a project co-funded by the SmartAgriFoodand ICT-AGRI projects, and funded by the European Commission’s ERA-NET scheme under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. 

As the organic agriculture market is rapidly growing worldwide and the demand for organic products is increasing, farmers and advisors need an easy way to acquire information for short-term and long-term planning in order to make the right decisions and plan ahead.

The problem that the project Organic-AgriWare wants to solve is the difficulty for organic agriculture stakeholders to access knowledge which is often dispersed at different online and offline locations.
The project aims to provide advisors and farmers with context-based access to organic community knowledge and it will help advisors to provide farmers with more accurate and concrete guidelines. 

The implementation of Organic Agriware by Agro-Know is based on a strategic partnership with ICROFS and SEGES.

Expected outcomes of the project

An application, which can be used on mobile phones, will be developed. Unlike other similar applications, Organic-AgriWare focuses on organic agriculture and will provide a unique access point to Organic Eprints and its open access scientific knowledge base.

All recent publications on organic information, dissemination material and organic sector specific data will provide every user with a broad range of state of the art research information on issues that are critical to the everyday reality of the organic agriculture community.

The Organic-AgriWare application could be used by anyone interested in organic agriculture, but is especially targeted customer segments like agricultural advisors and organic farmers.

Organic AgriWare is projected to be offered in a freemium model, which is a free version offering the ability to receive information on organic agriculture and users will be provided with advanced search tools in order to access relevant content from research papers hosted in Organic Eprints.
In a premium version, the users will be provided with tailor made scientific information based on their specific location, the specific crop type, local climate and current weather conditions.

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