Nyt nummer af ICROFS News er udkommet

ICROFS engelsksprogede nyhedsbrev ICROFS News nr.4, 2014 er udkommet med nyheder om ICROFS arbejde og forskerartikler om resultater fra en række projekter under Organic RDD 1. Læs det her på siden.

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ICROFS engelske nyhedsbrev, ICROFS News nr. 4, 2014 bringer denne gang en række aktuelle historier om ICROFS arbejde og om forskningsresultater fra de forskningsprojekter, ICROFS koordinerer: 


  • A rewarding cross-Atlantic cooperation between ICFROS and the US Department of Agriculture
  • The future funding of the CORE Organic network
  • New methods can reveal organic food fraud
  • Food security and agro-ecology on the agenda at the Organic World Congress in Istanbul
  • A heated debate on organic farming in Sweden and Denmark.
  • The VOVE project – new research in how agro-ecology can nourish the world


  • Thomas Bech Pedersen: Hay-milk is suitable for quality cheese
  • Mette Lübeck et al.: Proteins from organic green crops are promising as poultry feed
  • Helena Mejer et al.: Parasitic worms are still a challenge to organic pig production
  • Lone Madsen et al.: Organic diets are just equally good for rainbow trout fry as conventional diets