2017.09.28 | Agriculture and food

Special issue of Organic Agriculture - 3.0

In the latest issue of Organic Agriculture, the editors have collected a number of papers relevant for the theme Organic 3.0. It is published in connection to the science track "Innovative research for Organic 3.0" at the Organic World Congress in India, November 2017.

2017.09.27 | Agriculture and food

Going local – a way to increase value-added in organic food products?

The LOCO research project investigates the consumers’ interest in local organic foods, and whether they are willing to pay an additional price premium for organic food products, if they are also produced locally.

2017.09.27 | Agriculture and food

Organic and Low-Input Dairy Farming: Avenues to Enhance Sustainability and Competitiveness in the EU

The objectives of the EU-funded project SOLID were to evaluate competitiveness and environmental sustainability of organic and low-input systems, to investigate ways to increase their profitability, and to disseminate knowledge to key stakeholder groups. Read about the results and recommendations in the newly puslished article at

2017.09.27 | Agriculture and food

Organic fish farming is a good investment – the price premium is maintained

All investments claim a healthy economic basis. This also applies toorganics. The project RobustFish finds that the price premium on organic trout and salmon is maintained, when the supply of organic fish rise.

2017.09.26 | Agriculture and food

Contribution of organic farming to public goods in Denmark

In the latest issue of Organic Agriculture (Volume 7, number 3) a scientific article based on ICROFS' latest Knowledge Synthesis has just been published.

2017.08.23 | Conference

OK-Net Arable Final Conference - 15 November 2017

Join the OK-Net Arable Final Conference in Brussels on 15 November! The event is co-organized with the 3rd edition of Organic Innovation Days (15-17 Nov), which will showcase the potential innovation trends in the agricultural sector and what these mean for organics in terms of opportunities and risks.

2017.07.06 | Theme day

Animal health and welfare as cornerstones of organic livestock production

The 12-13 June 2017 OrganicDairyHealth discussed how the results obtained in the project could enhance the European dimension of the best breeding strategies and management practices.

2017.06.16 | Agriculture and food

Two seasons of “thinking like a bee” increase farmer awareness

The Beefarm project was initiated in collaboration with organic fruit and seed producers to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practice: How can the extensive body of knowledge on wild bees, bumblebees and solitary bees, be made operational in a farmer tool?

2017.06.16 | Agriculture and food

Does organic farmed fish exist?

Many consumers perceive the production of organic farmed fish negatively and rank this production alongside the industrialised agriculture.

2017.06.09 | Agriculture and food

Protein from organic clover grass – a new opportunity for organic production

Clover grass could play a central role for expanding organic livestock farming as farmers’ demand for organic protein feed is increasing. The business case of producing and marketing organic clover grass protein could bring new opportunities for organic farmers and other actors in the organic business.

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