New director of ICROFS

By New Year Jakob Sehested will be the new director of ICROFS.

ICROFS new director Jakob Sehested

As a director, he will be responsible for the day-to-day activities, and the further development and coordination of the research and development strategy in organic food and farming systems within the framework of Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

Broad experience within agricultural science

Jakob Sehested has till now been associate professor and section manager at Department of Animal Science - Animal nutrition and physiology, Aarhus University.

Jakob Sehested has a broad and relevant experience as a researcher, teacher and manager within animal nutrition and physiology with emphasis on minerals, electrolytes and processes of epithelial transport. Previously, he has also taken part in the organic research programmes FØJO I, II and III. 

Moreover, Jakob Sehested has been involved in the development and coordination of the Master’s degree programme in Agrobiology ( ) with specialisations in animal science (animal health and welfare), plant science (plant nutrition and health) and organic agriculture.

On the selection, ICROFS' chairman Louise Gade tells:

"With Jakob Sehested as the leader, ICROFS gets an extremely competent leader, who has all the prerequisites for ensuring that ICROFS contributes value-creating to develop organic production - thus realising the growth potential of Danish organic production.

With his background as an agricultural consultant, skilled researcher and section manager at Aarhus University, he has all the prerequisites for ensuring that ICROFS can help develop a market-driven and competitive Danish ecology sector. "

The future of organic research in ICROFS

December 4, Jakob Sehested participated in the last ICROFS board meeting of the year. The focus of the board meeting was a discussion of the strategy of the upcoming research and development programme ‘Organic RDD5’.

About the future of organic research in ICROFS and his new role as a director, Jakob Sehested says:

"Organic production is in a unique and market-driven development. This also means that ICROFS must continue to work on developing new solutions that moves the entire organic production towards increased productivity – under consideration of the environment, climate and animal welfare. Investing in research and new knowledge is crucial.

I see ICROFS as a major force for the development of organic production through coordinated efforts across professions, institutions and stakeholders. ICROFS will continue to play a central role as a national and inter-institutional center, which develops a professional and visionary strategy, and coordinates research and development projects that support the goals of the strategy.

My longstanding experience in management and communication in private business, sectoral research and universities equips me to contribute to the further development of ICROFS”.

ABOUT ICROFS - International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems 

ICROFS initiates, coordinates, and participates in national and international research activities within organic farming and food systems.