• New possibilities for growth and robustness in organic aquaculture

RobustFish will strengthen the development of Danish organic trout production. According to the EU Regulation on Organic Aquaculture, the fish production shall exclusively be based on organic fry from 2016. Particularly, in organic farming, medication is only allowed within very strict limits. Therefore, the robustness of the fry to diseases is crucial. Especially, this concerns the most serious trout fry disease in Danish aquaculture, Rainbow Trout Fry Syndrome (RTFS).

The robustness of the fry seems to be related to larval developmental rate and to the dietary content of specific Ω-3 fatty acids (HUFAs). Stress and RTFS tests are going to be performed to investigate if these two factors can be included in strategies to increase the robustness of the fry. Further, the effect on health and welfare of water treatments using approved agents in organic aquaculture is tested.

RobustFish will create growth – based on organic principles and in a balance between environment, ethics and economy. However, the efforts will as well improve the productivity of the conventional trout farming by lower prevalence of RTFS, reduced medication and lower environmental impact. Connected to these efforts RobustFish also will provide needed knowledge about market conditions and consumer attitudes, including the competitive effect of increased production. Mapping the existing types of organic aquaculture products in European markets will pave the way for product development and increasing the Danish market share.

Project period: 01-04-2014 to 31-12-2017

Artikel fra WORLD AQUACULTURE vol. 46, nr. 3 sept. 2015

Project leader

Alfred Jokumsen
DTU Aqua
Phone and e-mail:
+ 45 3588 3257/2136 2785

Photos from the project

Trout ova.
Villy J. Larsen, Dansk Akvakultur

Villy J. Larsen, Dansk Akvakultur

Villy J. Larsen, Dansk Akvakultur