European research

The European Union is financing research under the multi-annual Framework Programmes (FP), which among other issues cover environment, food safety and quality, animal health and welfare etc. EU is thereby supporting organic research projects and ICROFS has participated in a number of EU research projects since 2003. 

We are among others coordinating the transnational research programme for organic farming and food systems; "CORE Organic". The collaboration is supported by the EU-commission, and the individual projects are supported by the nationale ministries. 

ICROFS is also taking part in other EU-projects such as "SOLID" - a European project on sustainable, organic and ”low-input” milk production. In these types of projects ICROFS is responsible for continuously coordinating external communication and for the dissimination of the project activities and results to a broad audience.  

CORE Organic

CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems". CORE Organic intends to increase cooperation between national research activities in Europe. ICROFS is coordinating the overall project.


ICROFS is a partner in "EURAKNOS" - a Horizon2020 EU Thematic Network that started in 2019 and aims to create a network that will strengthen the EU agricultural knowledge base by collecting existing knowledge and best practices from the other 29 existing Thematic Networks.    

OK-Net EcoFeed

OK-Net EcoFeed is coordinated by IFOAM EU and involves 19 partners from 11 countries throughout Europe.  OK-Net EcoFeed will work with farmers, breeders and the organic feed industry to make practical solutions available to improve the use of organic and regional feed.