Organic RDD 1

Beginning January 2011, 11 new organic projects have been launched under the Danish Organic GUDP Programme, Organic RDD, which has three main themes: Growth, Integrity and Robust Systems.

In September 2010, the Danish Food Industry Agency received 50 applications for the Organic RDD programme, which in total applied for about four times the available amount of 92 million Dkr. The evaluation of the applications took place in October 2010. It was carried out by a group of international experts within the organic sector and by ICROFS' programme committee.

Beginning January 2011, 11 new organic projects have been launched under the Danish Organic GUDP Programme, Organic RDD, which has threemain themes: Growth, Integrity and RobustSystems. 

In September 2010, the Danish Food Industry Agency received 50 applications for the OrganicRDD programme, which in total applied for about four times the available amount of 92 million Dkr. The evaluation of the applications took place inOctober 2010. It was carried out by a group of international experts within the organic sector and by ICROFS' programme committee.

Supported by GUDP

In November 2010 the GUDP Executive Board approved the composition of the organic programme, Organic RDD. The programme is a combination of projects that in the short term integrate product development and on the long term alsoknowledge building and dissemination in both primary production, processing andmarketing. 

A number of the projects contain elements of commercialization of products and have market-oriented initiatives. Others are directed more towards primary production.

Compared to previous research, all the selected projects have even greater focus on practical application through the link between research, development and demonstration, and direct involvement of stakeholders (advisory service, companies and farmers) as partners in projects.