Organic RDD 3

Overview of Organic RDD 3 projects 

The Organic RDD 3 programme is coordinated by ICROFS (International Centre for Research in Organic Food systems). It is funded by the Green Development and Demonstration Programme under the Ministry of Environment and Food. 

Organic RDD 3 is a three-year programme and began in January 2017.

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DoubleCrop will develop and implement new intensive organic cropping systems for row crops, including higher diversity and utilisation of resources. This will be done using double cropping (partial intercropping), plant-based fertilizer and winter plant cover.  

Project leader: Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen


In spite of comprehensive knowledge on optimization of organic crop production, yields are in practice still way below potential. The purpose of this project is to increase yields and resource efficiency in organic crop production by targeted and holistic optimisation of nutrient supply and efficient implementation in practice.  

Project leader: Jørgen Eriksen


The organic rules allow certain methods for disease control in organic seed, but there is a limited knowledge on the effect and some methods need more development.  The project wants to test the different methods of controlling seed-borne diseases and see how the methods affect the germination rate. The project will also compare seeds, which are bred in different manners with different row spacing, fertiliser levels. 

Project leader: Anders Borgen


The purpose of the project is to establish a sustainable solution in relation to achieving expanded and resource efficient organic pig production, based on biorefined feed protein from organic grassland crops. The project will focus on 1) optimisation and streamlining of biorefining techniques, 2) measurement and evaluation of the feed value of grass protein for pigs, 3) environmental and economic sustainability of grass feed production and 4.) possibilities for commercialising “grass protein” for organic feed production. 

Project leader: Erik Fog