Organic RDD9

Organic farming and organic foods, including plant-based foods, must be developed in relation to the specific production conditions if Danish organic production is to maintain its international leading position and meet future consumer demands. 

Therefore, DKK 50 million was granted from the Danish Parliament for organic research via the Organic RDD-9 programme last year (2023) The application deadline was in May, and the selected projects were approved in December and have just started in January 2024.

The projects' themes range widely:

  • quantifying biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
  • agroforestry's effect on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • agroforestry farming systems with pig production and their effect on animal welfare, environment and biodiversity
  • knowledge of the interaction between fiber composition and methane emissions in pig production
  • the effect of grazing on reduced methane emissions in cattle production
  • development of robust breeding lines adapted to organic trout production
  • development of live feed for more robust fish
  • knowledge about the climate, environmental and health effects of organic food
  • the organic consumer of the future and opportunities for organic market development.

At ICROFS, we look forward to bringing you news and recommendations from the projects. Below you can go to the individual projects' websites and find out more about the projects' content and planned investigations.