Organic RDD 7

In May 2021, ICROFS received a total of 20 applications for a total requested amount of DKK 131 million for the Danish Organic Research Programme, Organic RDD 7, which is coordinated in collaboration with The Danish Agricultural Agency. The Organic RDD 7 funding pool is a total of DKK 48 million, and eight projects have been selected. 

Climate, environment, biodiversity and animal welfare are the focus of the eight new Organic RDD 7 projects, which include:

  • breeding strategies to boost the organic grain and flour industry
  • new technology for fodder and sugar beet cultivation
  • sustainable concepts to reduce methane emissions from cows and the climate footprint from fattening pigs and chickens
  • new local protein sources and optimized protein supply for organic fattening pigs and chickens
  • improved cultivation of organic peas as a high-protein, good-tasting food
  • optimization of biodiversity on organic farms and in the surrounding landscape.

Overview of the Organic RDD 7 projects:

  • BOOST - Boosting the Quality and Diversity of Organically Produced Danish Grain
  • CROPCUT - New technology to automate the thinning of fodder and sugar beet stands
  • ECOCO2W - Less methane from cows
  • ENTRANCE - Smaller climate footprint with locally produced protein for organic slaughter pigs
  • OatGanic - This project will develop oat varieties that are better suited for organic growth conditions and resistant to oat eel, oat nematodes and more competitive against weeds.
  • Organic+ - Initiatives to increase biodiversity in organic farming and landscapes
  • PEAS & LOVE - Local, organic, tasty, and cultivation-stable, old pea varieties for human consumption