• Organic Seed - a healthy yield from the outset    

Seed can get infected with fungal diseases. Especially for organic farmers it is very important to have access to the healthiest and most fast growing seed to avoid diseases in the crops and poor resistance against weed.

There are limited possibilities to fight diseases in organic seed, and there is a lack of knowledge on the conditions that influence the germination rate of the grain.

Purpose of the project

The organic rules allow certain methods for disease control in organic seed, but there is a limited knowledge on the effect and some methods need more development before they can be used in practice.

For instance, in Germany you have equipment (E-Ventus), which can control seed-borne diseases with electrical radiation, and in Denmark gentle heat treatment equipment, SonoStream, is being used on food. With more development SonoStream could probably be used in relation to the purification of seed. Natural substances as vinegar and plant products exist, which like herbal medicine can be used in proper dosage as treatment for seed, for instance if they contain antifungal agents.

The project wants to test the different methods of controlling seed-borne diseases and see how the methods affect the germination rate. At the same time, the project will compare seeds, which are bred in different manners with different row spacing, fertiliser levels. The differences between organic and conventional are compared to detect with which methods it is possible to improve the germination rate in organic seed.

SAAGODT runs in the period 2017-2020.

Project leader

Anders Borgen
Houvej 55
DK-9550 Mariager
Phone.: + 45 55 81 35 18