• Multifunctional perennial high-value crops in organic plant production

MultiPlant addresses a major challenge in organic farming, where decoupling of livestock and crop production reduces the robustness of stockless arable crop rotations. MultiPlant will improve productivity and economics of organic crop production by developing systems that produce large amounts of biomass per unit area for energy, protein for monogastrics and/or roughage and are robust in terms of soil fertility and perennial weeds. 

MultiPlant’s goal is in a value chain perspective to develop, demonstrate and document the potential of high yielding - high biodiversity - low input perennial mixtures targeted marketable products. Based on the mixtures MultiPlant will 1: develop and optimize refining of feed protein, 2: evaluate the protein quality by feeding poultry and pigs, 3: optimize biogas digestion with intensive and extensive cropping, 4: optimize fertilizer value of digested material, 5: improve pollinator conditions in the landscape using fields with increased flowering 6: increase soil fertility using legumes and deep rooted species 7: quantify the economic and environmental perspectives for multifunctional mixtures and 8: develop farm-specific advisory-concepts for implementation.

Project period: 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2017

Project leader

Jørgen Eriksen
AU Foulum
Phone: +45 8715 7672