• Diversity and integrity in organic poultry meat production

Multi Chick aims to contribute to the growth in organic broiler production through a re-evaluation of production systems. The price of organic broilers is significantly higher than conventional, so a high degree of credibility is needed to increase the low market share of less than 0.8%. Therefore, it is inappropriate that the current organic production has problems with animal welfare and is dependent on foreign and conventionally produced protein and
hatching eggs. There is a need for systems that are more protective of the ecological principles and the expectation of high animal welfare and positive effect on the environment and climate.

Efforts will be directed towards new feeding strategies in the existing systems and the development of new systems where new phenotypes, integrated in the production of willow/crops in order to achieve reduced N leaching, increase carbon storage and optimal welfare, whisch can provide a basis for launching new brands. It will provide additional value if there across the various systems is created concept feed based on Danish ingredients and if the hatching eggs produced organically in Denmark and thus provide the sector with multiple genotypes. The project is expected to identify barriers and opportunities throughout the chain from farm to table and make suggestions for how food chains for organic highquality chickens should be established so that the momentum of the sector ensured.

Project period: 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2017

Project leader

Sanna Steenfeldt, AU
Phone and e-mail:
+45 8715 8074