The Organic RDD 10 call is open for applications

The time has come to apply for funding for an organic Danish research, innovation and/ or development project under the Organic RDD programme. The application deadline is May 6, 12 PM.

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Organic farming and organic foods, including plant-based foods, must be developed in accordance with the specific production conditions, if Danish organic farming is to maintain its international leading position and meet the future demands of consumers. Therefore, the parties in the parliament has agreed to allocate DKK 70 million for organic research through the Organic RDD programme.

Funding can be sought for both projects with business plans (Type 1 projects) and projects without business plans, exclusively focusing on public goods and green sustainability effects (Type 2 projects).

The application deadline for Organic RDD 10 is May 6, 2024

Find the application material below

Information meetings on Organic RDD 10

In relation to the new application round, ICROFS will host information meetings where participants can gain insights into the application process and learn more about the criteria that underlie the assessment of projects.

The information meetings are expected to be held:

  • As an online meeting the 30th of January
  • As a physical meeting the 7th of February (Roskilde Universitet, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde
    (Building 3 - meeting room 03.1-E37)


Get feedback on your project idea before submitting your application

During the Organic RDD application rounds, you can receive feedback on your project idea by submitting a brief project description to the ICROFS secretariat. It should be written using this template

The project description should be sent via email to The secretariat aims for a maximum processing time of one week. You will receive a phone call with feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Organic RDD Coordinator
Malene Jakobsen
Mobile: 22 13 95 78 
Project Coordinator
Merete Studnitz
Mobile: 93 50 87 50

Visit the Danish Agricultural Agency grant guide: