Smaller climate footprint with locally produced protein for organic slaughter pigs

Organic pig production is challenged by low feed utilisation combined with dependence on imported protein sources. This increases nutrient loss, the climate footprint as well as the need for agricultural land. Therefore, there is a need for new feeding strategies based on Danish protein to secure both herd economy, the organic principles and a lower climate footprint.

The Purpose of ENTRANCE

The purpose of the project is to give new knowledge about the effect of clover grass-based roughage and bio-refined green protein on herd productivity, emissions and environmental impact from organic slaughter pigs.

The strategies are demonstrated in commercial herds and are expected to reduce the nitrogen leaching by 0.45 kg N per pig, as well as reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 9.9 kg CO2 equivalents per pig produced. Hence, ENTRANCE helps to solve some of the biggest challenges of organic pig production.

The Project will evaluate
> nutrient intake and productivity in slaughter pigs from 30-115 kg fed with roughage based on bio-refined, locally produced green protein, compared with imported soybean meal.

> intake and utilisation of fresh clover grass, clover grass silage, and the recycled grass pulp fraction from the production of green protein as well as the interplay between roughage varieties and productivity in pigs in growth.

> environmental and climatic sustainability of a “green pig” fed only with local, organic feed products. Emissions of ammonia, methane, CO2 and nitrous oxide, as well as the leaching of nitrogen and phosphor in urine and faeces are measured.

> the complete effect on production costs and environmental impact on herd level will be modelled in a life-cycle assessment.

> time consumption for the handling and allocation of fresh clover grass and grass pulp in relation to current practice with primarily silage for organic pigs in growth will be tested under commercial conditions.


Project manager

Simme Eriksen
​​​Center for Frilandsdyr
Phone: (+45) 30 34 26 94 
Mail: sier@frilandsdyr.dk

Locally produced protein for organic slaughter pigs Clover grass silage, fresh grass, grass pulp, and green protein are harvested on the same field in Foulum for the pigs in the ENTRANCE project