• Organic pig production based on green protein

SuperGrassPork will develop a system for organic pig production, where a large part of the feed protein comes from locally produced clover grass.

The project will help to solve several important challenges in organic pig production:

  • Firstly, it will secure that feed protein can be procured for the growing production of organic pigs in Denmark
  • Next, it will secure that the pigs get a feed that is both 100 percent organic and tailored to the pigs’ need for essential amino acids. By avoiding conventional feed, the credibility of the organic production will be strengthened, and less nitrogen will be released from the pigs, when they need less protein to cover their need for amino acids.
  • Finally, more clover grass will be implemented in the crop rotations in organic pig production and at arable organic farms; this will increase the productivity, biodiversity and soil carbon content. At the same time, problems with weed and leaching of nutrients will be reduced.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to establish a sustainable solution in relation to achieving expanded and resource efficient organic pig production, based on biorefined feed protein from organic grassland crops.

The project focus on 1) optimisation and streamlining of biorefining techniques, 2) measurement and evaluation of the feed value of grass protein for pigs, 3) environmental and economic sustainability of grass feed production and 4.) possibilities for commercialising “grass protein” for organic feed production.

The project runs in 2017-2020.

Project leader

Erik Fog
Phone: +45 87 40 54 90


  • Økologisk svineproduktion baseret på græs-protein