ICROFS took the word at the organic world congress

How do we make organic mean sustainability? How can we disseminate organic research in a useful and understandable way? And what kind of developments has the organic research undergone the past 15 years?

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Three questions, International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS) helped answer at the Organic World Congress, which recently took place in Istanbul.
The congress gathered more than 2500 people from the organic sector worldwide – Uganda, Italy, Switzerland, Bhutan, Denmark, USA and Peru just to mention a few. 

The goal of the congress was defined by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements): to develop a new concept as to how we define our agricultural system, how we design our lives and strategize our future.

”It is critical that we, ICROFS, participate in the organic world congress. This is where networks are created, ideas founded and the course for the organic future is set. An international research center as ICROFS needs to participate and put our fingerprint on it,” Niels Halberg, director of ICROFS, says.

Among others, he contributed at one of the congress seminars with his suggestion as to how we can create a consciousness in which organic also mean sustainable. 

”The organic movement needs to step up in order to continue to have a say in the development of sustainable food systems,” he emphasizes.

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