Retirement: Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen

ICROFS wishes Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen all the best for her future retirement, and would like to thank her for a rewarding cooperation as well as for the important inputs and knowledge contributions during the years at both national and international levels.

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After 40 years of work in favour of organic food and farming, Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen has chosen to retire. Therefore, ICROFS invited her Danish network to a retirement reception Monday August 22 in Foulum, Denmark.

Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen has been one of the pioneers within organic farming, ever since she wrote her master’s thesis on “Regulation of weeds in organic farming”, at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (Den Kongelige Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole) in Denmark.

During her career, she has been teaching in organic and biodynamic farming at St. Restrups Højskole (folk high school), been organic advisor at the “County of North Zealand”, and worked at ‘Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science’, then ‘Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences’ – and, after a shorter position at the Ministry of Environment in Denmark, she joined forces with ICROFS where she has been working for the last 12 years.

ICROFS would like to thank Ilse for her work on national as well as international level, especially her essential role as coordinator and one of the main forces behind the international open access-achieve Organic Eprints.