OK-Net EcoFeed Webinar on new sources for locally produced organic feed for monogastrics gathered great interest

Last week, the project OK-Net Eco-Feed hosted a webinar organised by ICROFS and IFOAM for the Innovation groups (groups of farmers, advisors and feed industry) engaged in the project. OK-Net EcoFeed focuses on achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed for monogastrics, in particular pigs, broilers and laying hens. The meeting was originally planned to be held in Billund, Denmark and to include field trips to various farms, but due to the COVID 19 situation, the meeting was changed to an online event with more than 80 participants from different European countries.

Foto: Camilla Brodam

The first session of the meeting focused on clovergrass protein for pigs and poultry, the production, feeding value, biogas production and benefits related to the grass protein. Here, Erik Fog from SEGES, Denmark, presented an overview of lessons learned in research and trials performed in the ICROFS coordinated projects: SuperGrassPork, MultiPlant and OrganoFinery.

He stated that clovergrass, a popular crop in organic farming, can produce more than 1 ton of protein concentrate per ha, containing a high level of methionine and thus, can replace soy bean protein in feed to pigs and poultry.

The side-products from this production can be used for cattle feed and biogas production. Furthermore, clovergrass facilitates carbon sequestratrion in the soil, and the price of clovergrass protein is competitive to that of organic soy bean protein.  Following this, Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj, owner and farmer at Ausumgaard , Denmark, explained about his practical experiences in producing and selling clovergrass protein (read full article on this )

Afterwards, a session of practical experiences from different farmers regarding new types of locally produced organic feed followed. First, a video with experiences from the UK on  the practice of sprouting seeds for poultry was shown.

Then, followed an example from Denmark on experimental work that will be initiated this summer on the use of lactic acid bacteria and the effect on the bacterial composition in the digestive system of chickens.

Another example  from France where pigs forageon protein rich fodder was shown on video. (watch it here)  The day ended with a presentation of the organic online toolbox, Organic FarmKnowledge, which has been built by FiBl as part of the project containing knowledge and tools on monogastric animal feed.

The Theme day was followed by a project meeting the next day, focusing on the progress with the various tools for Organic FarmKnowledge. OK-Net Ecofeed has provided 31 tools for the platform so far, and the traffic on this platform is increasing as the tools are uploaded and translated.


More info on OK-Net EcoFeed: https://ok-net-ecofeed.eu/

Organic Farm knowledge: https://organic-farmknowledge.org/