NJF Conference: Healthiness of organic food as main topic

The healthiness of organic food is of interest to an ever-expanding consumer group and it will also be discussed at the International Conference on Organic Agriculture in Mikkeli from 19th to 21st of June 2017.

Top experts in organic food will give their speeches at the Conference. Professor Carola Strassner has studied the relationship between organic food and human health.

According to Carola Strassner, European studies show that people who prefer organic food also follow overall healthier diet, which promotes their health and reduces the risk of overweight and obesity,  the Director of the Finnish Organic Research Institute Sari Iivonen points out.

Professor Strassner stresses that reviewing the healthiness of organic products should be done throughout the whole diet instead of individual products. She also encourages to pay attention to school meals: "Providing organic food to schoolchildren can promote lifelong healthy eating in overall" says Strassner.

The health effects of organic food should be explored versatile taking both direct and indirect effects into account, Research Professor Raija Tahvonen says.

By far the health effects of organic food have not been studied scientifically in long-lasting clinical trials. The claims so far are mainly based on different concentration differences.

Recent review articles and meta-analyses show, that contents of certain nutrients are slightly higher in organic than in conventional products, states Raija Tahvonen.

The effects of the use of chemical pesticides and additives should be studied in several generations, as effects on embryonal and fetal development are not visible in adult comparisons alone. The use of pesticides and food additives may also have a negative effect on our food's microbiota, which  may reflect in our health. Understanding the importance of microbial diversity can help us to understand how organic food choices influence our well-being, points Raija Tahvonen.

The NJF-conference held every four years will take place in Mikkeli 19. - 21.06.2017 at Mikkeli University Consortium campus. During the conference guests are offered the opportunity to explore the local organic farms.

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