Digital tools for farmers – latest recommendations from OK-Net Arable

The OK-Net Arable platform provides access to a wide range of tools and resources that can help improve production within arable cropping.

The solutions and tools are divided according to the most relevant topics in organic arable farming: Soil quality and fertilitynutrient managementpest and disease controlweed management and solutions for specific crops.

You can find the latest recommendations of tools below:

Management of cover crops in organic arable rotations

Growing cover crops solves many of the problems related to arable farming. Based on extensive experiences with cover crops in Denmark, SEGES has drawn conclusions for management of cover crops in arable rotation.

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Learn how to reduce creeping thistles by direct methods and good planning

This guideline provides an introduction to the creeping thistle growth characteristics and suggests various measures to control them.  

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Check this practice abstract for the benefits of aerated compost tea (ACT) application

Making and applying compost tea to an arable crop can help increase levels of beneficial fungi and bacteria and improve the overall balance of the soil food web, and therefore the health of the crop. 

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Criteria and management recommendations for organic cereal production.

This leaflet gives detailed and condensed instructions for a successful cereal production for food and feed grain in the Swiss context.

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German guide on how to find an effective technique to get rid of your dock plants

The brochure provides information about critical peculiarities of the dock plant and effective methods to reduce the weed.

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Potatoes? Challenging but popular and suitable for direct marketing 

The brochure provides a good basis of information that enables farmers to cope with the challenges connected to potato growth.

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The platform is a product of the EU funded OK-Net Arable project of which ICROFS is a partner.