ICROFS' secretariat

The secretariat supports the organic development

The ICROFS' secretariat supports the important work of developing the organic sector for the benefit of producers, consumers and export companies. The staff in the secretariat have a broad palette of professional skills in the field of plant breeding, livestock farming, humanities, languages, communication and journalism. In addition, several of the employees have several years of experience in research within their field of expertise and extensive experience in developing agricultural and food systems with a particular focus on the organic sector.

The team has extensive experience in gathering consortia of relevant research partners for the preparation of applications for project management and further for implementation and communication of the projects. Therefore, it is entirely natural for the secretariat to offer the following services:

  • Project management and coordination of Danish and international projects
  • Administration, including budget management and coordination of international projects with special focus on projects financed by EU funds, such as Horizon2020
  • Evaluation and monitoring of project progress
  • Professional insight and contribution to the preparation of project applications, Danish as well as international, including applications for Horizon2020 and private funds
  • Communication, including dissemination and dissemination of projects and knowledge throughout the project process and using digital media, SoMe, academic and popular science media and news media.
  • Help to achieve a multi-actor approach in projects and help strengthen academic research and experience networks.

Staff in ICROFS' secretariat


Center management and administration

Jakob Sehested, Director, PhD
Mobile: 25 15 90 50 

Work areas:

  • Daily management  
  • Coordinating research programmes 

Janne Krabsen, Office Manager

Phone: 87 15 77 71 
Mobile: 93 50 83 86

Work areas:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Editing and publishing research reports
  • Organic Eprints editor
  • Translation, proofreading and language rivision
  • Project support
  • Planning of meetings and coordination 

Research and development

Ivana Trkulja, CORE Organic Coordinator, PhD
Phone. 87 15 77 16 
Mobile: 51 49 10 23

Work areas:

  • Coordinating the ERA-Net CORE Organic Cofund Programme
  • Administration, budget management and monitorering of the CORE Organic Cofund
  • Reseach activities in the project CSA ALL-Ready
  • Professionel insight and contributing to the preparation of project applications 
  • Link to relevant stakeholder organisations 

Lise Andreasen, Project Officer
Phone: 87 15 77 04 
Mobile: 51 49 10 03 

Work areas:

  • International project development, applications, implementation and administration in particular with emphasis on EU projects
  • Initiating and facilitating research related and research supporting activities in Denmark and internationally.
  • ICROFS strategy development and planning
  • Organic RDD programme development and implementation

Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen, Organic Eprints Coordinator
Phone: 87 15 79 92 
Mobile: 51 77 95 12 

Work areas:

  • Monitoring and evaluating national projects under the Organic RDD-programmes
  • Responsible administrator for Organic Eprints
  • Taking an active share in projects in relation to Organic Eprints as well as other relevant subjects
  • Information and dissemination of knowledge of Organic Eprints nationally and internationally
  • Taking an active share in nationale and internationale committees relevant for organic research

Merete Studnitz, Project Officer, cand.agro., PhD

Phone. 87 15 80 47 
Mobile: 93 50 87 50 

Work areas

  • Monitoring and evaluating national projects under the Organic RDD-programmes
  • Work Package management in relation to international projects 
  • Planning and executing events for researchers and users of research 
  • Contribute to the completion of project applications, danish as well as international applications
  • Contribute to obtain a ’multi-actor approach’ in the projects and helps to strenght the technical reserach and experience network.  

Malene Jakobsen, Organic RDD Programme Coordinator, PhD

Mobile: 2213 9578

Work areas

  • Monitoring and evaluating national projects under the Organic RDD-programmes
  • Contributing to the international research programme CORE Organic
  • Contributing to administration of Organic Eprints
  • Participating in various EU projects
  • Contributing to completion of project applications
  • Administrative tasks  

Communication, dissemination and press 


Helene Kristensen, Communications Officer

Phone: 87 15 77 03 
Mobile: 31 50 58 78 

Christine Dilling, Communications Officer 

Phone: 87157831  
Mobile: 30 27 31 41 

Anton Brander Lichtenberg, Communications Officer

Phone: 87 15 77 03
Mobile: 93 50 89 61

Work areas:

  • Participating in Danish and international organic research projects responsible for communication and dissemination and also completing project applications 
  • Journalistic writing, including articles and press releases
  • Homepage production, SoMe and newsletters
  • Video production and layout in relation to publications, leaflets and advertisements
  • Planning and promoting events for researchers and users of research