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Photo: Camilla Brodam

2020.03.13 | Agriculture and food

Foraging pigs-contribution of protein-rich fodder to finish pigs

Carl Sheard is an organic pig farmer (45 sows) in the Pays de La Loire region of France. He is experimenting a system of outdoor fattening using various combinations of forage crops. In the OK-Net Ecofeed project, in which ICROFS is a partner, a trial began at his farm this autumn 2019. The aim is to provide a diverse range of mixed forage crops…

2020.02.22 | Agriculture and food

CORE Organic newsletter February 2020

There is a lot of exciting activity going on in the CORE Organic Cofund projects and the results have started to show up with high frequency, which also is reflected in this edition of the CORE Organic Newsletter.

2020.02.21 | Agriculture and food

Open Access requirements in H2020 – help for projects

A brief supports CORE Organic projects in their implementation of the H2020 Open Access requirement, and while the information is specific for CORE Organic projects, this may also be of interest for other H2020 projects with the same obligation.

2020.02.17 | Event

International workshop on feeding organic pigs and poultry with 100% organic and regional feed.

ICROFS is hosting an ECO-NET EcoFeed workshop in Billund 26-28 May 2020.

Lihme Organic Trout Farm. Photo: Alfred Jokumsen

2020.03.05 | Agriculture and food

Strong EU regulations for organic trout farming

Fish welfare is crucial for any aquaculture production and in particular, this issue is addressed in the EU regulations for organic aquaculture production. However, do the regulations meet other similar standards for fish welfare?

Anton Wasson, CSIRO, Australia, giving his presentation "Getting more from the core" at the Deep Frontier international workshop.

2019.11.27 | Agriculture and food

Leading root researchers gathered in Copenhagen

The Deep Frontier project is hosting an international workshop this week and has summoned some of the leading root experts from around the world.