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2020.12.10 | Agriculture and food

EURAKNOS releases its Explorer’s Guide to Thematic Networks

EURAKNOS, marks a key milestone: publication of the EURAKNOS Explorer’s Guide to Thematic Networks. This manual offers advice on how to design and implement Thematic Networks to maximise user engagement and impact, starting at the pre-funding phase running through project implementation to sustainability post-funding.

2020.12.02 | Calls

New funding from CORE Organic to be annonced soon

CORE Organic Cofund pre-announces third research Call on ‘Organic farming systems for improved mixed plant and animal production.

Intermediate wheatgrass growing in the DeepRootLab. Intermediate wheatgrass, Thinopyruum Intermedium, is a perennial grass extensively used for cattle forage. With genetic similarity to wheat, it offers good prospects for breeding a perennial grain crop and breeding programs are now lead by the Land Institute, Kansas, USA which has trademarked it under the name (Kernza©).

2020.11.23 | Agriculture and food

Deep-rooted perennial crops. Are they capable of taking up water from deep soil layers?

Growing deep-rooted perennial crop attracts the attention of researchers and farmers to address modern agricultural challenges such as improving drought resistance. Alfalfa and intermediate wheatgrass are capable of taking up water to a depth of 2.0 m in the soil. However, understanding the farming context in which such crops would be beneficial…

Intercropping beets

2020.11.23 | Agriculture and food

Intercropping sugar beet with chicory enhances deep root growth

Deep roots have become a hot topic in agricultural science. That is due to the fact that they allow the crop to exploit unused nutrients and water from the deep soil layers thereby increasing the sustainability of agriculture. However, most of the current agricultural cropping systems cannot utilize deep soil resources efficiently. The main…

Insertion of ingrowth core into access tube in the filed facility, called the Deep Root Lab

2020.11.23 | Agriculture and food

New methods developed pave way for new insights

Eusun Han joined the Deep Frontier project in 2016 at its very initial phase, mainly to work in the field trial called DeepRootLab (DRL). Before that Eusun obtained his Ph.D degree from University of Bonn, Germany, studying on root growth in the subsoil under varying soil structural conditions. His main task in the Deep Frontier project has been…

2020.11.20 | Agriculture and food

The carbon footprint of organic vegetables needs to be improved

The demand for organic fruit and vegetables is growing significantly, but updated knowledge is needed about the climate impact of production of organic vegetables. For organic vegetables grown and harvested in greenhouses, there is another challenge. New EU regulation means that in the future, production must take place in open systems, i.e. with…