The Horizon Europe project OrganicTargets4EU (2022-2026) aims to reach 25% of agricultural land under organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030.

The Farm-to-Fork Strategy and Biodiversity Strategy, integral components of the European Green Deal, share a common goal of establishing a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system within the European Union (EU). These strategies acknowledge the vital significance of organic farming and aquaculture in attaining this overarching objective.

Farm-to-Fork Strategy and Biodiversity Strategy Targets

Achieving these targets requires a balanced up-scaling of production and consumption, implying a considerable transformation in farm structures and value chains.

OrganicTargets4EU aims to achieve expected outcomes that drive the growth and development of the organic sector:

Focus Countries

Key drivers and lock-ins assessment, policy analysis and R&I investment work are covered in all Member States as well as associated countries. Detailed analyses are carried out in 8 focus countries represented by a Practice Partner with close connections with producers and value chain actors.

The focus countries were chosen based on their representation of different EU geographical contexts, as well as their current stages of organic development in terms of farmland share and market demand.

Project partners

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