Collaboration benefits

Organic Eprints has been established as a key source of organic research communication in Europe, and it is used worldwide.               

Now, the partners behind Organic Eprints want to take the next step toward wider international cooperation.

Individual researchers from all over the world may and do register and deposit their own publications in the archive. By making their research publications openly and freely available on the internet, they can increase research impact and the speed of research communication.

Research projects, programmes, organizations and countries may also enter into a collective cooperation with the Organic Eprints archive. The benefits of such collaboration include:

  • getting their own section in the archive browse views
  • greatly increasing the visibility and impact of their research
  • documentation of their research efforts
  • the possibility of having their own editor in the archive
  • opportunities to influence the future development of the archive

The collaborating parties can link from their own website to their section in the archive, or link to customized searches in the archive, thus making their research production directly available for overview and download in the manner they choose.