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2015.06.26 | Research

OK-Net Arable facilitates co-creation of techniques in organic farming

The complexity of organic farming requires that farmers have a very high level of knowledge and skills, but the knowledge-sharing about farming techniques is limited. The new project aims to boost knowledge exchange between organic farmers, advisers and researchers.

2015.06.16 | Events

Farmers, advisers and researchers contribute to the organic research agenda in Milan

At the Universal Expo in Milan, the most innovative European farmers were invited to exchange their experiences with organic food and ingredient production at the conference: "Organic production, Research and Innovation: Setting priorities for the future", organised by the European Commission.

Chambers for N2O measurement in the field

2015.06.15 | Research

Legume-based catch crops can improve N-supply without inceasing N2O emission

Legume-based catch crops can replace a part of the animal manure used in organic rotations without elevating the N2O emissions substantially according to the research projects HighCrop and Legume Futures.

2015.06.08 | News type

Job as temporary academic assistant

This 6 month position will include assistance to the administration of the projects and programmes that ICROFS is responsible for as coordinator or otherwise engaged in as well as the maintenance and development of the international archive on publication on research in organic agriculture and food systems, Organic Eprints.

2015.06.02 | Research

Questionnaire gathers informations on the use of organic research

Scientists, working on organic subject areas, will be able to help the project Organic-AgriWare to increase the knowledge of the online archive Organic Eprints by filling in a questionnaire.

2015.06.02 | Events

German professor joins AU Food, Aarslev

A seminar on apple diseases and storage rots including a display of "attractive" fruit rots will be held as the inaugural lecture by Aarhus University's new affiliated professor Roland W.S. Weber.

2015.05.29 | Research

Control of parasite infections reduces mortality and improves animal welfare

The retail market share for organic eggs in Denmark is relative high. Unfortunately, there are a number of welfare issues in the organic egg production compared to other production systems - but now new studies show that control of helminth infection can reduce mortality and improve the welfare of hens.

2015.05.26 | Research

Pilot plant extracts "bio-oil" and produces organic fertilizer and protein feed

A HTL pilot plant has been inaugurated Mai 22 at AU Foulum. The plant converts organic material into oil with properties similar to petroleum. This means that organic material can substitute fossile crude oil for the production of fuels and chemicals. The facilities at Foulum are based on ground-breaking technologies.

2015.08.28 | Research

The first bio-oil produced in Foulum paves the way for a green conversion in agriculture

A new groundbreaking energy facility at AU Foulum can produce oil from grass that is first used as a protein feed for pigs and poultry. This paves the way for far more productive and environmentally friendly cropping systems for both conventional and organic farming.

2015.05.22 | Events

3rd African Organic Conference: Deadline for paper submission May 31, 2015

The 3rd African Organic Conference in Nigeria (October 5-6) targets consumers, farmers, researchers, trainers, academics, extension practitioners, policy makers, private sector actors, financiers in the agriculture value chains and promoters of organic agriculture. Deadline for submission of papers: May 31.

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