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2015.05.10 | Events

Deadline for registration to ICOAS: 31st May 2015

Join the 5th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences - „Bringing Innovations to Organic Farming“ 14th-17th October 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

2015.05.07 | News type

Organic agriculture can improve food security by diversification and reduced debts among smallholder farmers

In celebration of the International Year of Soils, CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems asked a number of experts: Is investing in inorganic fertilizers really a better option than restoring soils over the long-term using an agro-ecological approach? Read the blog entry, written by the director of ICROFS, Niels Halberg.

2015.05.06 | Events

9th European Organic Congress in Riga, 11-13 June 2015

“Where does the organic movement want to be in 2030? What can we give to society? And most importantly, how will we do so?” The European Organic Congress is dedicated to discuss the future of the organic movement. Register for the congress now.

2015.05.05 | Events

BERAS conference on ecological recycling agriculture

The knowledge and research network BERAS International brings the climate impact of the food production into focus at the conference “Soils and the Food We Eat” 20th of May in Järna, Sweden.

From a project meeting in ProGrOV

2015.04.27 | News type

Organic farming collaboration is growing in East Africa

The international project ProGrOV has created a platform where researchers and organic movements in East Africa are sharing knowledge and experiences in order to develop the organic farming sector.

Photo: IFOAM

2015.04.27 | News type

Become a member of IFOAM EU’s GMO Expert Group or Climate Change Task Force

2015 is an important year in the fight against climate change and GMOs. The European institutions are reviewing certain parts of the GMO legislation and are preparing the new climate and energy package for 2030. Therefore, IFOAM EU invites you to join the new IFOAM task force on climate change and/or expert groups on GMO’s.

2015.04.24 | Publication

New report from SUSTAINGAS: Best practice examples on organic biogas production in EU

Biogas is an important renewable energy vector with impressive growth and installation rates in the EU. However, production of biogas from organic farms has not yet been sufficiently exploited. The European project SUSTAINGAS responds to the current lack of information on biogas produced in organic farms.

Picture from the project in Nairobi

2015.04.16 | Research

Improved traceability can enhance trust among organic farmers and traders

A survey of the organic fresh produce chain in Nairobi concludes that perception to traceability, documentation, certification, training and monitoring can strengthen the confidence between the producers and the traders of the organic sector.

Photo: Villy J. Larsen

2015.04.15 | Research

Organic trout ova/fry is already available from Danish hatcheries

One year ahead of the deadline for implementation of complete organic aquaculture life cycle - organic trout ova/fry is available from Danish hatcheries.


2015.04.15 | Research

Organic meat must stand out in order to qualify as a high-value product

Organic meat production has the potential to develop into a more trustworthy high-value production based on local resources and free-range animals. However, eating quality and relatively low prices must still be a major concern in order to increase the market share.

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