Researchers on one of the farmer’s cow units

2016.01.11 | Research

Organic conversion is still a challenge to East African farmers

Lack of organic feeds and livestock diseases are the main obstacles to conversion to organic livestock production in East Africa, two ProGroV studies show.

2015.12.18 | Events

10th European Organic Congress 4-6 April, the Netherlands

Almost a decade after the first Congress, IFOAM EU is celebrating its 10th European Organic Congress in the Netherlands this April 2016. The theme of this year’s Congress is transforming food and farming through organics.

2015.12.18 | Research

ISOFAR proceedings available for all

ISOFAR supports scientific progress by compiling abstracts and papers from contributions to all ISOFAR scientific conferences and events into scientific proceedings. The proceedings are now available with open access for all.

2015.12.17 | Research

COBRA: Final results about organic breeding presented at conference

The COBRA (Coordinating Organic plant Breeding Activities for Diversity) project has been linking up efforts in organic breeding activities in both cereals and grain legumes. The final results of the CORE Organic II project were presented in Denmark with participation from 17 different countries.

2015.11.10 | Research

New publication: Organic and IPM Partnership is needed to address food production challenges

A new publication, "Organic Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management: Synergistic Partnership Needed to Improve the Sustainability of Agriculture and Food Systems", details the challenges, opportunities for collaborative pursuit of solutions, and recommends institutional and policy reforms to accelerate progress.

2015.10.20 | Events

ProGrOV: Fruitful 'write-shop' at the 5th Project Training and Project Meeting, September 2015

At the workshop in Morogoro at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania, PhD and Master students focused on scientific and popular write-ups that will be published and disseminated in different platforms.

2015.10.15 | Research

HealthyHens ready with advice for organic egg producers

The results of the project HealthyHens have been summarised into recommendations within four essential areas: Prevention of intestinal worms, of feather and injurious pecking, of foot problems and keel bone deviations and, finally, optimisation of the use of outdoor areas.

2015.10.12 | Events

Great public interest at ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo

Within half of its opening time the Expo was visited by more than 1.1 million guests. The opening ceremony was honoured by the welcoming addresses of authorities i.e. the Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and the Prime Minister of Korea, Mr. Hwan.

The raspberry beetle

2015.10.12 | Research

Better traps for pest insects in organic berry production

During the past three years, researchers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland and Latvia have joined forces to make control measures against pest insects more efficient.

2015.10.01 | Debate

New report from IFOAM EU: Feeding the People: Agroecology for Nourishing the World and Transforming the Agri-Food System

The organic movement has joined together to contribute to the theme of this year’s EXPO in Milan – feeding the planet – and IFOAM EU has published a report, Feeding the People: Agroecology for Nourishing the World and Transforming the Agri-Food System.

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