• International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems


2018.01.18 | Conference

TP Organics and CORE Organic at Science Day at BioFach 2018

The morning session of Science Day will be organised in cooperation with ERA-Net CORE Organic and dedicated to EU research and innovation policy. What will be the place of organics in the new EU policies that are currently being developed?

2018.01.08 | Conference


This session invites you to contribute with your experience in sustainable agriculture in relation to Soil changes, Plant protection, Soil productivity, Food quality, Socio-economic aspects. Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2018, 13:00

2018.01.05 | Agriculture and food

Digital tools for farmers – recommendations from OK-Net Arable

On farmknowledge.org you find solutions and tools that are divided according to the most relevant topics in organic arable farming: Soil quality and fertility, nutrient management, pest and disease control, weed management and solutions for specific crops.

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Organic World Congress - Hope for the future: Conversion of a state happened in practice!

The Indian state Sikkim in the Himalayas have worked to carry through its organic vision since 2003. Sikkim has converted to organic production! It requires a broad range of target directed actions and plans.

Mette Vaarst, Merete Studnitz and Ilse A. Rasmussen (from ICROFS) at OWC

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Organic World Congress: The role of animals, seeds and new organic food systems

Different challenges with – among others – animals and seed were some of the issues discussed at the OWC 2017. Also, during the pre-conference ‘Organic Food Systems 3.0’ new and innovative ideas about food systems were discussed.

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Early colostrum is no guarantee for good immunisation of calves

The level of IgG in the blood of new-born calves varies, both between calves that have received colostrum manually from heated, pre-frozen colostrum and between calves that have received their first colostrum from the dam.