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2015.08.27 | Research

New printed handbook for organic pig producers

„Improving health and welfare of pigs“ is a new practical handbook for organic pig producers. The handbook summarizes the expertise of farmers, consultants, scientists and technical literature for maintaining the health of pigs.

2015.08.13 | Events

Workshop: "Methods for estimating ammonia losses from organic pig production"

The research project pECOSYSTEM arranges a workshop in autumn 2015 focusing on finding the most promising methods for ammonia loss quantification, and to discuss how to best set up comparative analyzes under real conditions.

2015.08.12 | Research

Call for applications for three new EIP-AGRI Focus Groups is open

Do you have experience on mixed farming systems, benchmarking of farm productivity and sustainability performance or on reducing emissions from cattle farming? By joining a focus group, you have an opportunity to identify promising and inspiring ideas for innovation.

2015.08.03 | Research

Take part in consultation: 'Internet of Things' to support organic agriculture

The goal of TP Organics' consultation is to assess the relevance of the needs of the (organic) agricultural sector and identify potential partners who would be interested to work on this topic with a multi-actor approach.

2015.07.06 | Research

New report on organic protein availability and demand

The aim of the study, ICOPP, was to assess feed availability and demand throughout the countries of the ICOPP project and Europe. The self-sufficiency regarding organic feed for monogastrics has been calculated for each of the countries participating in the project.

2015.07.02 | Events

Organic Innovation Days - Call for innovations in the organic sector

On 1 and 2 December, TP Organics will organise the Organic Innovation Days. One of the main aims of the event is to demonstrate the innovation potential of the organic food and farming sector.



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