ICROFS publikationer med open access

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Policy Brief: Sustainability of thematic networks for agricultural and forestry innovation: recommendations from the EURAKNOS project
Forfattere: Sylvia Burssens Faculty of Bioengineering Sciences, Ghent University Laura Palczynski Innovation for Agriculture Ilse A. Rasmussen International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS)  

Publiceret i Volume 8 of the Project Repository Journal    

Artikel: Legacy effects of leguminous green manure crops on the weed seed bank in organic crop rotations

Forfattere: Bo Melander, Aarhus Universitet, Ilse A. Rasmussen, ICROFS, Jørgen E. Olesen, Aarhus Universitet, publiceret i:

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Volume 302, 15 October 2020, 107078, Frit tilgængelig til og med 03.09.2020

Artikel: Certified Organic Agriculture as an Alternative Livelihood Strategy for Small-scale Farmers in China: A Case Study in Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, publiceret i Ecological Economics, vol. 145
Medforfatter: Niels Halberg, Centerleder (ICROFS)
(Fri tilgængelig til og med 9. januar 2018)

Artikel: Contribution of organic farming to public goods in Denmark, publiceret i Organic Agriculture, vol. 7, september 2017
Medforfattere: Niels Halberg, Centerleder (ICROFS) og Lizzie Melby Jespersen, tidligere videnskabelig medarbejder (ICROFS)

SCAR-AKIS rapport: Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems Towards  2020– an orientation paper on linking innovation and research
Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) Collaborative Working Group AKIS-2