• Organic growth with biorefined organic protein feed, fertilizer and energy

Through a concept for biorefinery of green herbage to protein feed, fertilizer and energy, the project develops a new platform for organic growth. The project will deliver solutions to the following key challenges to the organic sector: Supply of organic protein feed to monogastric livestock, improved, climate-friendly, and robust crop rotations in areas with a low density of livestock, better use efficiency of the nutrients, and higher yields. 

Project activities:

  1. Identification of the best suited material for biorefinery through cropping trials
  2. Harvest and extraction of green leaf protein through fermentation
    and separation
  3. Production, profiling and testing of organic protein feed on poultry
  4. Treatment of the residual biomass in a biogas plant for the production of biogas and valuable organic fertilizer
  5. Business model development for organic protein feed, fibre material for biogas and for system export
  6. Optimizing of the system for upscaling
  7. National and International dissemination.

Final seminar in OrganoFinery

Green biorefinery concepts have the potential to become a suitable solution for production of organic protein-rich feeds and a variety of other valuable products from green crops such as alfalfa, clover and clover grasses. The 29th of June 2018 keynote speakers gave different perspectives on green biorefineries and projekt participants disseminated some of the results obtained in OrganoFinery.  

Below you find the presentations from the day: 

Project leader


Mette Lübeck, Aalborg University
Phone and e-mail:
+45 2447 0418