It has rained a lot in Denmark during the Autumn. Hence, leaching of nitrate becomes a challenge in free-range production. However, a solution could be to plant trees that absorb rainwater and utilize nutrients from the soil.

2018.02.07 | Agriculture and food

Organic pig production is finding solutions to challenges

Leaching of nitrate, emission of ammonia and the weather are some of the challenges in organic pig production. Research into designing the outdoor area for growing pigs and planting trees in paddocks could potentially improve animal welfare and reduce the environmental impact.

2018.01.25 | Agriculture and food

New project launched for organic pig and poultry farmers to find solutions for 100% use of organic and regional feed

A new project – OK-Net EcoFeed – aimed at helping organic pig and poultry farmers in achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed was launched today. A key objective of organic farming is that animals are fed with feed produced at or near the farm.

2018.01.18 | Conference

TP Organics and CORE Organic at Science Day at BioFach 2018

The morning session of Science Day will be organised in cooperation with ERA-Net CORE Organic and dedicated to EU research and innovation policy. What will be the place of organics in the new EU policies that are currently being developed?

2018.01.08 | Conference


This session invites you to contribute with your experience in sustainable agriculture in relation to Soil changes, Plant protection, Soil productivity, Food quality, Socio-economic aspects. Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2018, 13:00

2018.01.05 | Agriculture and food

Digital tools for farmers – recommendations from OK-Net Arable

On you find solutions and tools that are divided according to the most relevant topics in organic arable farming: Soil quality and fertility, nutrient management, pest and disease control, weed management and solutions for specific crops.

Scab can be prevented by growing robust cultivars and not resistant cultivars, while resistance can last very short. This is 'Katrina' with Vf-resistance against apple-scab. The resistance is now broken by the scab fungus and the cultivar is now even very sensitive to scab.

2017.12.14 | Agriculture and food

Apple scab is a challenge to prevent and to predict

Fruit growers can buy support from Apple scab warning programmes, when to decide to spray or not. The programmes predict the risk of scab infection in the orchard. But do they show the reality?

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Organic World Congress - Hope for the future: Conversion of a state happened in practice!

The Indian state Sikkim in the Himalayas have worked to carry through its organic vision since 2003. Sikkim has converted to organic production! It requires a broad range of target directed actions and plans.

Mette Vaarst, Merete Studnitz and Ilse A. Rasmussen (from ICROFS) at OWC

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Organic World Congress: The role of animals, seeds and new organic food systems

Different challenges with – among others – animals and seed were some of the issues discussed at the OWC 2017. Also, during the pre-conference ‘Organic Food Systems 3.0’ new and innovative ideas about food systems were discussed.

2017.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Early colostrum is no guarantee for good immunisation of calves

The level of IgG in the blood of new-born calves varies, both between calves that have received colostrum manually from heated, pre-frozen colostrum and between calves that have received their first colostrum from the dam.

2017.11.13 | Agriculture and food

Antimicrobial-free organic production seems within reach

Production without the use of antimicrobials can be within reach for many organic farms with a targeted health-promoting effort. A recent report from Aarhus University examines the possibilities of establishing organic production concepts for dairy and pig farming without using antimicrobials. The report also mentions the importance of rethinking…

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