ICROFS new director Jakob Sehested

2018.12.20 | Agriculture and food

New director of ICROFS

By New Year Jakob Sehested will be the new director of ICROFS.

2018.12.20 | Agriculture and food

Exchanging knowledge to improve organic arable farming: evaluation of knowledge exchange tools with farmer groups across Europe

Online Knowledge Exchange (KE) tools can play avaluable role in bringing together knowledge and experience on good practice in organic arable farming in Europe and contribute to improving yields.

Photo: Excavated soil profile under cultivated grassland

2018.12.04 | Agriculture and food

Root litter chemistry and soil nutrient availability affect subsoil carbon turnover

Carbon (C) turnover in subsoil was studied by Zhi Liang, PhD student of the Deep Frontier project. The results presents a framework for enhanced subsoil C stock through a deep-rooted cropping system as related to root nitrogen (N) and lignin contents, soil N availability, and microbial activity.

Photo: Helene Uller-Kristensen

2018.11.30 | Agriculture and food

Grass-clover protein can partly substitute traditional feed protein for broilers

According to a new study from Aarhus University, protein produced by biorefining of grass-clover can replace at least 13 % of the traditional feed protein used for organic broilers without compromising production parameters.

2018.11.29 | Agriculture and food

The open access archive Organic Eprints is looking for National Editor for United States

We would like to expand our editorial team to better cover the needs of researchers and users in USA, and further develop the use of Organic Eprints.

2018.10.29 | Agriculture and food


Marc Pousin’s farm in Saint-Pierre-des-Échaubrognes, France provides 100% organic, local feed for it’s broilers. OK-Net EcoFeed had the chance to visit and learn from the mixed farm (crops, cattle, sheep and different poultry species), the founder of the Volailles Bio de l'Ouest (VBO-West Organic Poultry Coop) cooperation.

2018.10.24 | Agriculture and food

CIRCASA Survey - your views on soil organic carbon management

The European project CIRCASA is making a survey on the role of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) management for climate change mitigation and sustainable development. Contribute to this survey and tell what you think are the most effective management options, barriers and solutions.

2018.10.08 | Agriculture and food

Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production

What’s the best way to manage Agroecological Service Crops? Comparing the usual management of ASC as green manure vs the use of roller crimper in a no till system, SoilVeg found that the latter generate an higher overall environment benefit, although with lower yields.

2018.10.02 | Agriculture and food

Innovative processing and packaging for safe, high-quality, organic berry products

Consumers want high-quality, organic berry products available in larger quantities. An international team of researchers has set out to meet their demands.

2018.09.14 | Agriculture and food

Anaerobically digested green manure is a valuable fertilizer

Anaerobic digestion of green manure increases nitrogen (N) availability. However, the N fertilizer replacement value is affected by the initial quality of the green manure, which is related to plant species composition and cutting frequency.

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