2019.04.25 | Agriculture and food

Improving organic animal farming

New publication reviews key research addressing key challenges faced by organic animal farming in improving yields, animal nutrition and health

2019.04.24 | Agriculture and food

Opportunities and challenges for integrating dairy cattle into farms with certified organic pineapple production as perceived by smallholder farmers in Central Uganda

Integrating dairy cattle with pineapple production is an opportunity for closed nutrient cycles and income diversification. However, knowledge, access to inputs, and organized markets are needed as incentive for conversion to organic dairy production.

2019.04.23 | Agriculture and food

29.5 million DKK available for organic research and development

Invitation of applications for funding under The Organic Research, Development and Demonstration Programme (Organic RDD) 5.

2019.04.15 | Agriculture and food

OK Net Ecofeed Knowledge synthesis: Feeding monogastrics with 100% organic and regionally produced feed

The synthesis describes the protein needs for organic monogastric animals (pigs, layers and broilers), including different breeds and rearing conditions, different protein feed resources, mostly new or not commonly used protein sources, their nutrient content, production prerequisites, and their potential feeding.

Feed experiments with pigs at Foulum. Photo: Helene Uller-Kristensen

2019.04.25 | Agriculture and food

The feed value of clover grass protein for slaughter pigs

The Organic RDD project "SuperGrassPork" is working on developing a production of local produced protein for organic pigs, where a big part of the protein feed comes from bio-refined clover grass.

From experiments with the grass mixtures. Photo: Helene Uller-Kristensen

2019.04.25 | Agriculture and food

Does it make sense to introduce herbal graas in the crop rotation?

Introducing multifunctional grass mixtures in the crop rotation can contribute to solve some of the great challenges in organic farming as regards the fertility of the soil, the load of weed, biodiversity and sustainable feed protein. But what about the financial perspective?

January 21, the PhD student Zhi Liang defenced her PhD thesis at AU Foulum.

2019.01.22 | Agriculture and food

PhD defence: Organic carbon mineralization and microbiology in subsoil

Zhi Liang has examined the fate of organic carbon inputs in deep soil ecosystems. This included laboratory studies of the carbon sequestration potential from deep-roted crops in relation to root chemical composition, soil nutrient availability, and microbial physiology.

ICROFS new director Jakob Sehested

2018.12.20 | Agriculture and food

New director of ICROFS

By New Year Jakob Sehested will be the new director of ICROFS.

2018.12.20 | Agriculture and food

Exchanging knowledge to improve organic arable farming: evaluation of knowledge exchange tools with farmer groups across Europe

Online Knowledge Exchange (KE) tools can play avaluable role in bringing together knowledge and experience on good practice in organic arable farming in Europe and contribute to improving yields.

Photo: Excavated soil profile under cultivated grassland

2018.12.04 | Agriculture and food

Root litter chemistry and soil nutrient availability affect subsoil carbon turnover

Carbon (C) turnover in subsoil was studied by Zhi Liang, PhD student of the Deep Frontier project. The results presents a framework for enhanced subsoil C stock through a deep-rooted cropping system as related to root nitrogen (N) and lignin contents, soil N availability, and microbial activity.

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