Plantain, grass and clover

2020.11.19 | Agriculture and food

Leguminous plants' many contributions to the climate challenge

Studies indicate that catch crop mixtures with legumes increase nitrogen and carbon supply for the benefit of both soil fertility and the climate

2020.10.01 | Agriculture and food

Is sulfur produced from biogas cleaning available to plants after storage in manure?

Efficiently recovered, sulfur (S) from the (bio)-gas desulfurization process may be reused as on-farm S fertilizer. Despite some reduction of sulfate and elemental S to sulfide during a storage in untreated and digested manure, the filter products were a valuable source of plant available S.

Erik Fog, SEGES, presenting "the green gold" (grass protein) at the inauguration at Ausumgaard.
"Research creates the basis on which commercial forces can act - but research in itself does not create the breakthrough for a new technology."

2020.10.20 | Agriculture and food

The green gold – from research to practice

This fall Denmark's first farm for biorefining of grass was inaugurated at Ausumgaard. Among the guests present was the former Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Mogens Jensen, and in his opening speech he emphasized how grass is one of the sustainable, locally produced alternative protein sources, which could help reduce the amounts of…

2020.09.18 | Agriculture and food

Improve your future in agriculture & forestry by taking a short survey!

Do you believe that making key information and knowledge about the latest innovations in agriculture & forestry more easily findable and accessible could benefit you, or others you know working in these sectors?

Wood ants attack the plantations vermin and can in that way biologically protect the plant production. Photo: Jens Petersen

2020.08.21 | Agriculture and food

Ants will ensure sustainable organic fruit production

The Danish production of organic berries and fruits must not apply chemical crop spray – for that reason the sector lacks effective means to fight pests and plant diseases. If a biological alternative to the chemical substances is to find, the ecologists may stabilize and increase their yields. A new research project will investigate whether wood…

2020.08.19 | Agriculture and food

Special issue on agroforestry for pig production

The journal, "Animals", recently launched a Special Issue on Agroforestry for pig production. This emphasises the broad international interest in integrated systems and is a great opportunity to compile research needed to develop the concept further.

Microscopy of an Ichthyobodo – also named ”Costia”

2020.08.20 | Agriculture and food

A promising sustainable agent against a tough parasite in rainbow trout

The skin-parasite Ichthyobodo (Costia) is one of the most challenging parasites to control in farming of organic rainbow trout. However, a new sustainable agent against this parasite may contribute to secure welfare and health in organic trout.

2020.06.09 | Agriculture and food

Share your views about "Organic Farm Knowledge", the online exchange platform for organic farming & science

Organic Farm Knowledge hosts a wide range of practical knowledge and tools for organic farmers and advisers that help improve farming practices. It also aims to serve as a virtual meeting place for cross-border learning, promoting the exchange of knowledge among farmers, farm advisers, and scientists to increase productivity and quality in organic…

Foto: Camilla Brodam

2020.06.02 | Debate

OK-Net EcoFeed Webinar on new sources for locally produced organic feed for monogastrics gathered great interest

Last week, the project OK-Net Eco-Feed hosted a webinar organised by ICROFS and IFOAM for the Innovation groups (groups of farmers, advisors and feed industry) engaged in the project. OK-Net EcoFeed focuses on achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed for monogastrics, in particular pigs, broilers and laying hens. The meeting…

2020.05.27 | Agriculture and food

We need to look for alternative products with both sustainable and economic benefits

At Ausumgaard in Denmark they believe in sustainability. Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj, who has inherited the historical manor from his parents, is thinking a lot about the next generation. He wants Ausumgaard to be an attractive farm in the future, and this includes to a great extent sustainability and animal welfare. At the same time new…

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