The open access archive Organic Eprints is looking for National Editor for United States

We would like to expand our editorial team to better cover the needs of researchers and users in USA, and further develop the use of Organic Eprints.

2018.11.29 | Helene Uller-Kristensen

There is a growing interest in Organic Eprints with almost a hundred eprints and around 600 registered users from USA. The national editor should be interested in improving the dissemination of research in organic food and farming and have an interest in the online archive Organic Eprints (or in open access in general). 

Tasks of a national editor:

  • To verify that the  eprints submitted from USA relate to organic food and farming systems
  • To verify that the information associated with the paper is appropriate and correct

    • Note: editors are not expected to review the content of papers

  • To manage the eprints, i.e. send them back to authors if necessary, implement changes requested by the authors, reorganize eprints if needed
  • To act as contact point for users in your country
  • To be part of the Organic Eprints editorial board, the forum for further discussions on editing and on improvement of the archive

As a National Editor you will benefit from:

  • An editors manual (under continuous development);
  • Direct assistance and online training from the archive administrator and editorial board as needed;
  • Emails notifying you of new entries to be edited for your country (daily, weekly or monthly);
  • Promotion material and suggestions on how to promote the archive in your country.

No specific background is needed, except having internet access and being at ease with using an online system, but a person eager to contribute to an increased use of the archive on a national level would be welcome.

A national editor may be designated by their employer or be editor on a voluntary basis. Organic Eprints does not have means of funding editors, but employers generally recognize the value of having a national editor. Being a national editor is not work intensive and represents usually a small part of your time – maybe an hour per week.  If an editor is overwhelmed by the number of eprints to review, the archive administrator will take measures to assist.

About Organic Eprints

Organic Eprints ( is an open, online archive for publications and dissemination about research in organic agriculture, with more than 21,000 publications from 68 countries. Organic Eprints has become a key source of organic research communication in Europe, and is continuing to expand.

Any registered user can submit research papers, dissemination material, project descriptions or other kind of documents to Organic Eprints, which ensures its great diversity and richness. Each eprint submitted to Organic Eprints undergoes a correctness check by a national editor before it is made publicly available. Most documents have open access.­­

For more information, please contact:

Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen

Organic Eprints coordinator

Mobile: +45 51 77 95 12

Agriculture and food