OK Net Ecofeed Knowledge synthesis: Feeding monogastrics with 100% organic and regionally produced feed

The synthesis describes the protein needs for organic monogastric animals (pigs, layers and broilers), including different breeds and rearing conditions, different protein feed resources, mostly new or not commonly used protein sources, their nutrient content, production prerequisites, and their potential feeding.

15.04.2019 | Helene Uller-Kristensen

The conclusion is when feeding pigs and poultry with 100% organic and regionally produced feed, getting enough protein and specific amino acids is a challenge. 

There are two main ways to come across this challenge; one is to utilize by-products, for example waste from various productions, and explore new protein sources e.g. marine products or to refine already known products such as grass; the other way is to feed the animals less intensively and for this feeding strategy slow-growing breeds fit better. Some slow-growing breeds are already known, some are rediscovered old breeds. The challenge with the slow-growing and less-yielding breeds is that the production is getting smaller and either the farmer will earn less or the prices of eggs and meat will increase.

However, there are many possibilities for combinations of regionally grown feed, low-yielding breeds with different feeding strategies and they need to be explored. 

The knowledge synthesis is available here.  

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