The secretariat of ICROFS initiates, coordinates, and participates in research and research activities internationally, in Europe and in Denmark.  

The current danish research programme Organic RDD 2 is carried out in the period 2014-2018 and consists of 10 projects under GUDP. 

Knowledge syntheses play an important role in the development and communication of research that takes place in ICROFS. A synthesis of knowledge can be a useful tool in the preparation of new research projects and in clarifying particular problems among other things. In the summer of 2015 a new knowledge synthesis will be published. See the previous ones here

ICROFS aims to ensure that the research system focuses on the most relevant challenges for organic farming and food systems, and for the sustainable development of agriculture as a whole. Advancing relevant and proactive research that can provide guidance for the future development demands attention to and inquiry into the goals and values of the system in question. In this case, the holistic perspectives and the special goals and values that guide organic farming and the sustainable development of agriculture.

Agricultural systems are very complex, and therefore an analytic splitting up and reduction is absolutely essential in every investigation process. The problem remains, however, that the analytic reduction of systems can be carried out in many different ways, depending on the methodologies, points of view, values and interests involved.

For this reason, a self-reflective systems approach is needed that acknowledges the role of organic research as both actor and observer (Figure 1), and which seeks to expose the ways of reduction chosen in research, how these are related to the larger system and the values involved, and the consequences of these choices for the results obtained.