Research results

Analysis: Organic Research and Development 1996-2010

ICROFS has conducted an overall analysis of the effects of organic research on the organic sector and on society in general for the period 1996-2010. This publication contains the most important conclusions from the analysis and focuses on how the results from the research programmes DARCOF I-III and CORE Organic have been implemented in industry and society.

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ICROFS fact sheets

In the ongoing effort of communicating research in organic food systems, ICROFS has made this new type of publications: The ICROFS fact sheets. 

These fact sheets are intended to sum up results from research in organic food systems.



Publications prior to 2009

In Danish, a series of research reports has been published, the so-called FØJO-rapporter, giving perspectives and summarizing research in national staging within various fields of organic agriculture and food systems

The former DARCOF has issued a series of DARCOF-reports, primary written for an international audience of researchers, in and outside Denmark.


Internal reports

The former FØJO has issued a series of internal reports, covering random events such as theme meetings and workshops