Vision & mission

Vision of ICROFS

Our vision is that the principles of organic agriculture should  become a global reference for sustainability in agriculture and food systems, due to evidence based on research and adaptive management.

Mission of ICROFS

The mission of ICROFS given by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is expressed as follows:

  • provision of research results that may contribute to the promotion of organic farming and food systems, including agriculture, aquaculture, processing and dissemination of organic food
  • coordination, management and performance of strategic and user oriented, high quality research at the national as well as the international level
  • contribution to the development of organic farming and food systems in order to increase conversion possibilities from conventional to organic farming production and promote the sustainable development of farming and food systems as a whole
  • contribution to the development and dissemination of organic farming and food systems as instruments for achieving important social objectives concerning the environment, climate, nature, animal welfare and rural development


Regulations for ICROFS:

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