Research dissemination

Dissemination of the research results is a central activity in ICROFS. Dissemination is achieved mainly through web-based media, such as public homepages,newsletters, video presentations from field activities, platforms for corporate work and web portals. Presently, there are more than 4500 subscribers to the newsletters that ICROFS issue as part of the dissemination activities.

ICROFS' regulations states, that the center is committed to: "disseminating the results of the organic research to relevant users and national and international forums as well as promoting knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of organic food systems to international organizations."

Meanwhile, very different institutions and groups of researchers must collaborate on producing results that can be used by researchers and advisers in organic as well as conventional farming. Finally, the achieved knowledge needs to be made accessible for the society in general. For that, the centre uses different means of communication. 

Overview of the research

Knowledge syntheses play an important role in the development and communication of research that takes place in ICROFS - in 2015 the newest version will be published. A synthesis of knowledge can be a useful tool in the preparation of new research projects and in clarifying particular problems among other things.