International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems 

ICROFS initiates, coordinates, and participates in national and international research activities within organic farming and food systems. Our vision is, that the principles of organic farming on the basis of research and good management become a global reference for sustainability in food systems.

ICROFS is continuously active in disseminating organic research results and knowledge on the importance of organic food systems to the environment, nature and biodiversity, animal welfare, health, food safety and quality, economy, structural and market development as well as social significance. We do this by publishing information material about the latest research results, ease the access to present and relevant publications and by disseminating it to a wide range of stakeholders. 

ICROFS promotes an understanding of the characteristics of organic food systems and contributes to a knowledge-based development of organic food systems, nationally and internationally.

ICROFS was founded in 2008 by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. The centre is an expansion of the former Danish Agricultural Research Centre for Organic Farming (DARCOF). 

ICROFS participates in the EU research Framework Programmes and has coordinated several projects. The Centre is an active partner in ISOFAR (International Society of Organic Agriculture Research) and FQH (Organic Food Quality and Health research network). Moreover, ICROFS has participated in the development of the European vision for an Organic Food and Farming Research Agenda 2025: "Organic knowledge for the future" and is an active partner in the technology platform TP Organics.

Danish research

ICROFS is managing the Danish research programme in Organic Food and Farming. ICROFS aims to ensure that the research system focuses on the most relevant challenges for organic farming and food systems, and for the sustainable development of agriculture as a whole. Advancing relevant and proactive research that can provide guidance for the future development demands attention to and inquiry into the goals and values of the system in question. Find more information here:

European research

ICROFS coordinates the ERA-net CORE Organic (Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming), in which public funding bodies of European countries collaborate to fund trans-national research projects. The collaboration has existed since 2003 and is open to all European countries having or intending to have a funding programme on research in organic food systems. Read more here:  

International research

ICROFS participates in and coordinates international research projects. To read about the current involvement, please go to this site:

Organic Eprints

ICROFS hosts and administrates Organic Eprints (, the Open Source archive for publications and information materials in organic research. Here, researchers can deposit and share their information with colleagues, students and stakeholders worldwide. Organic Eprints additionally serves as a platform for submission of congress papers. 

Dissemination and communication

Dissemination of the research results is a central activity in ICROFS. Dissemination is achieved mainly through web-based media, such as public homepages, newsletters, video presentations from field activities, platforms for corporate work and web portals.

Also, for corporate project management, internal newsletters are issued and intranet sites are provided based on specific project management software.

Besides the web-based activities, ICROFS has a long-time experience in organization of field days for farmers and stakeholders, thematic workshops and organic congresses. ICROFS is the co-organizer of the national organic congress and we contribute to organic researcher conferences internationally such as the Organic World Conference of IFOAM/ISOFAR and regional conferences. 


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International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems 

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